Sociolotron Review

Sociolotron Review

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Sociolotron is a politically incorrect multiplayer online role-playing game specially designed for players age 21 and older! The game includes not only the usual monster bashing, but also social interaction and game elements that enable you to blackmail, eliminate or have virtual sex with other players and to live out your darkest fantasies. This “Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Game” (MMOVSG) has no censorship or boundaries of game play – for example, you can get killed, forced into drug abuse or prostitution, get discriminated for racial, religious or sexual reasons or get arrested in prison for some weeks. You see, in the virtual world of Sociolotron there are complete different rules and values than in the “real” world. 

Play an interactive multiplayer game full of sex, politically incorrect behavior, discrimination and blasphemy.

Sociolotron offers you an alternative reality that is as real as possible in many aspects of the daily life, but strange enough to be really exotic and recognizable as an adult fantasy environment – a strange world full of religious aspects like demon worshipping, sexual acts of rituals and religious intolerance. It is a world where ancient magic and modern technique goes hand in hand. The developers created a very special kind of sex game: What makes Socilotron different from other multiplayer sex games like Red Light Center or Second Life is that Sociolotron players can do things that are also possible in real life, although they could never do them in reality, because they are really nasty and would be punished outside the content of the game. In the virtual world of Sociolotron players can settle their disputes amongst themselves – for example, you can kill a character permanently or you can blackmail him if you got a proof against him that could be used in court. But be careful, you can always become a victim, too! This is the great difference to other online sex games. If you´re being offended by other players within the game, it makes no sense to yell for help to the game masters for troubles like murder, theft or blackmail - you have to help yourself. So it always makes sense to find friends and to become part of a strong social group. That is important, because you can always be insulted or threatened by other players – maybe because you are a member of a different cult or you got the wrong hair or skin color etc. This game is full of discrimination and harassment, just like in reality. Please keep in mind that the Sociolotron development team is a very small but really passionate group who work on the game in the spare time of their jobs, so you can´t expect perfect 3D graphics and ultra-lifelike animations. Nonetheless, the graphics are still very nice and the developers always try to improve them.

Sociolotron is more than just a “normal” roleplaying sex game – it is a really fascinating social experience about human behavior patterns in a world with totally different rules and values. Please note that this game is only for players age 21 or older, thus Sociolotron can avoid censorship or boundaries of game play (except for legal reasons).

If you want to experience a totally “different” kind of online multiplayer sex game you should really check out Sociolotron right now!

Here are the Sociolotron prices:

- $4 for the first 30 days
- $9,95 per month after that
- After six months the price will be lowered to $8,95 per month
- After one year the price will be lowered to $7,95 per month

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