Redlightcenter Review

Redlightcenter Review

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Red Light Center isn´t just a social network for adults-only, but also a 3D virtual environment where you can meet real people and have interactive cybersex with their 3D avatars. By the way, the highly sophisticated virtual world of Red Light Center is based on the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam (also known as the “Wallen”) with many nightclubs, bars, stores, movie theatres and so on. The Massively Multi-User Reality game Red Light Center was made available to the public early in 2006 by Utherverse. The game proved to a great success – in March 2008 it already had more than 1.5 Million Users.  

Red Light Center allows you to live out your horniest fantasies in a safe virtual environment.

In this 3D adult playground you can meet other users not only in the streets, but also at various events like parties, live music shows with dancing and other community events like art-gallery openings or festivals. It is even possible to arrange your own event, for example a cool party. There´s a huge virtual world to explore, the possibilities are nearly endless. The basic membership of Red Light Center is free, but only if you upgrade to become a VIP member you can use the exciting sex function. It allows you to have virtual 3D sex with other player´s avatars - and the number of sex positions possible is really stunning. The range of cyber-sexuality available is very wide, from romantic kisses over the use of various sex toys to several hardcore variants. You will be surprised about the life-like and detailed sex animations; the move changes are animated very well with a seamless fade effect. Choose a sex position and have interactive cybersex with your avatar partner. The great thing about Red Light Center is that this game enables you to have virtual sex with a REAL person – this is the next big step in the evolution of virtual 3D sex games! By the way, Red Light Center even supports VOIP if you enter a private room with another user. 

VIP members can have sex in various virtual places, for example hotel- and locker rooms, underwater caves, bordello rooms and so on. There are even many equipped and themed rooms for Fetish and SM lovers. Gays and lesbians can meet like-minded people in special communities if they like to. 

Like we mentioned before, in the virtual world of Red Light Center every user is represented by an avatar, which may be customized personally to suit his or her individual taste. It´s the perfect way to become the type of person you´ve always wanted to be!

But the virtual world of Red Light Center is not only about sex, you can also use a virtual currency called Rays for services within the community – for example, to pay for your own Zaby apartment or for gifts for other members. It´s even possible to sell Rays within an open marketplace for real money. If you own a Zaby apartment of your own within the world of Red Light Center you can furnish it like you want to – place furniture, color the walls or install streaming videos, televisions etc. If you want to, you can open up a shop of your own and sell different kinds of stuff – for example, virtual or even real sex (the game supports XXX commerce). It is even possible to take on a job to make money. The possibilities are nearly endless – open up a nightclub of your own or become a teacher, a wedding planner etc. By the way, Red Light Center even works as an interface for porn movies or sexy pictures. You can also use virtual stores to order real stuff like sex-toys or erotic lingerie if you want to.

Enter the amazing world of Red Light Center, one of the best multiplayer virtual sex games ever created – experience an adult virtual world where you will meet thousands of open-minded women and men from all over the world. Find a new girlfriend and chat or have life-like virtual cybersex with her! You can find the Red Light Center free download right “here”. Like we mentioned before, the basic membership is absolutely free, but if you want to have interactive cybersex with other users, you have to upgrade to become a VIP member. Believe us, Red Light Center is the perfect virtual 3D playground for open-minded adults!

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Red Light Center runs on almost any pc and is very easy to use - check here for the minimum system requirements:

- Processor: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or equivalent

- Operating System: Windows Vista/XP

- RAM: 512 MB

- DirectX: DirectX® version 9.0b

- Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 2 or better - ATI Radeon 7000 or better

- Sound Card: DirectX® certified sound card

- Internet: DSL or Cable High Speed Internet